Swansea Tennis Centre has gratefully accepted the donation of a defibrillator helping it to become an even safer environment to play sport.

The defibrillator has been provided by Rhian Jones, who runs Cambria Dental Surgery in Sketty,

Rhian is a regular at Swansea Tennis Centre along with her husband Gareth and daughters Nia, 10, and Elin, six.

“I made a flippant remark one day after a particularly gruelling and breathless tennis session about collapsing and it got me thinking that the centre could do with a defibrillator,” said Rhian.

“We have one in the dental practice and there has been a lot in the news recently about people suffering from cardiac arrests, so I thought it was a good idea that the tennis centre has one.

“I am very happy to have presented it but I hope that it never has to be used.”

According to figures from the St John Ambulance survival rates from cardiac arrest fall by 10 per cent without action, yet using a defibrillator within three minutes of an attack can improve a person’s chance of survival by 70 per cent.

“This is a wonderful gesture by Rhian and the dental practice,” said Swansea Tennis Centre manager Owain Rees.

“Tennis is a physically demanding activity which tests the body every time a player steps on the court. Our weekly organised sessions cater for all ages and this gives us an extra measure to ensure the safety of our customers.

“Only recently a young footballer lost his life to cardiac arrest while playing in a game and this brings it home to you that it is important we take the necessary steps to prevent a similar tragedy from happening.

Added Owain: “All our staff and coaches are first aid-trained so this gives us an extra safety net if there was an incident we had to deal with.”

CAPTION: Swansea Tennis Centre manager Owain Rees with Rhian Jones